Automatic Filling and Capping Monoblock
Specific for Wine

Mod. RTA600-8

The monobloc in object is suitable for the small-medium producers of oil .
The operator will place the empty bottles on the conveyor belt at the left side of the machine and will remove the filled and capped ones on the right side of the machine.
One single operator is able to action the machine , this machine has been appositely studied for those customers needing a big number of bottles format changes as the changing operations are fast and cheap (change of stainless steel platform for bottles).
– As warranty of the high quality level of the process, RTAV 6008  has per standard a nitrogen injection system after the filling.
– The liquid feeding system happens through DOWNFALL directly from the storage tank  no transfer pumps are used in order to better guarantee the HIGH level of your product quality.
– For the same reason, it doesn’t happen through spinning, heating, and vacuum suction.
– Very high reliability and easy to use the machine is specific for the production of small lots at a low cost.
– Filling part can be completely dismantled, cleaned and sterilized.



FILLING MACHINE for glass bottles
The filling machine is a volumetric filler patented in STAINLESS STEEL  AISI 304
As the filling is an operation made in conditions of atmospheric  and not isobaric pressure, the quantity of the product and the filling time change according to the density of the liquid.
The feeding must occur via descent through a direct connection to the main tank.

Data sheet
Filler type :  Patented volumetric dispenser- + filling head ( n°2 filler )
Filling system :  Via atmospheric pressure
Usable liquids :  food oils
STANDARD filling capacity :  From 0,25 lt to 1,00 lt ( every filler
Tank link :  Standard  1” connection

The capping machine for aluminium screw caps is provided with closing head and head device for size bottle change

Capping heads :  n. 1
Cap type :  Aluminium screw cap and pressure cap with drop-catcher 31.5 x 24 standard
Capping head :  4 rollers
Caps feeding :  automatic loader with insertion on the bottle with automatic pull
Bottle type :  Round/ square glass bottles

1. Additional Kit change format parts for different bottles
2. Spare parts kit for first course
3. Packaging for overseas shipment


Mobile base made out of sturdy structural in AISI 304  stainless steel with an S.B. satin finish.
Air pressure  :  6 bar
Air consumption :  260 lt/min
Power :  1 Kw – 230V 50 Hz. One Phase
Air connection :  ¼ “
Oil connection :  di 20 mm.
Operating temperature :  from 16°c to 25°c
Production Capacity : 600/700 filled  and capped bottles per hour
Filling System :  Volumetric via atmospheric pressure, not isobaric.
Feeding :  The liquid feeding system happens through downfall directly from the storage tank
Usable liquid :  Food oils
Filling Capacity :  from 0.25 lt to 2lt.
Bottle type :  Round/square bottles  (subject to our control and inspection)
Process Control :  Electro – Pneumatic (No bottle, no filling –  No bottle, no corking)
The machine needs of compressed air with tank capacity 200 lt.