AUTOMATIC SYSTEM Filling and capping machine
for bottles and other containers as jars and cans



This machine is suitable for small-medium COOKING OIL , liqueur, vinegar, sausces, conserves, fruit juices, jam, honey and cream producers.

One single operator is able to action the machine and load the empty bottles on the conveyor belt on the left side and then remove the filling and capping ones on the right side, if the machine is combined with the labelling machine, the bottles continues on the labelling machine conveyor belt, without any other operations needed.

Equipment specially designed for tthose customers who require several changes in format as the operations of variation are very fast and very cheap (change star in stainless steel). Therefore the machine is also suitable for the production of small batches at low cost.

To guarantee a high quality level of the process RTVA900L is equipped as standard with a insufflation system of antioxidant gas (Nitrogen) PRE-CAPPING (standard).

The supply system happens directly bfrom the storage tank with donwfall pipeline. 

Transfer pumps aren’t needed in oreder  to better guarantee the HIGH quality of your product.

For the same reason it does not happen CENTRIFUGATION, HEATING, AND VAACUM SUCTION of the product



 FILLING SYSTEM (glass bottles)
Composed by n° 2 patented stainless steel AISI 304 volumetric dispenser complete with filling head. It’s pneumatically controlled, easily dismantled, cleanable and sterilized
Filling system adjustable from 0,10 to 1 Lt
Liquid supply must be happen by downfall throw direct connection from the main tank
Nitrogen (or other inert gases) input before the capping phase
Possibility to use the filling machine independently from the other functions

The machinery would be equipped with a capping unit, depending on the product used

For glass bottles, it would be equipped with a 4 rollers capping system (screw caps) or with capping system for “T” caps
For bottles, jars, or other containers  with screw caps, it would be supplied the corresponding capping unit
For cans, it could be equipped  with pressure caps capping system
Nevertheless, the system will be equipped with Automatic dispenser  (vibration caps) with application on the container or Pick and Place System.


1. An additional format bottles kit (each kit includes 1 star, 1 inserter, 1 extractor)

2. Bottles blowing and cleaning system with air or nitrogen or filtered air with 2 manually drived spouts applied as appendix on the left side. Equipped with stainless steel AISI 304 basin and structure .

3. Spare kit for parts subject to wear (seals, valves, microswitch, reguleted-filter)


Sturdy structure in stainless steel AISI 304 carpentry (mobile base on request)

Dimensions :  mm 3800 x 1000 x 2000 h

Weight :  Kg 350

Workstations :  8

Filling capacity :  from  lt 0,10 to lt. 1 adjustable// optional until   5 Lt

Air pressure : Bar 6

Production capacity :  n°  filled and capped bottles depending on the bottle format 

Air consumption :  300 lt/min.

Filling system :  volumetric with atmospheric pressure

Air connection :  ¼ “

Usable liquids :  COOKING OIL , vinegar, sauces, conserves, fruit juices, jam, honey, cream

Product connection:  35Tube

Type of containers :  glass bottles or hard PET , bottles, jars, cans ( subject to our previous control)

Operating temperature :  from  16°c to 25°c

Process control :  Electro-pneumatic

Power supply : 380 V-3 F – 50 Hz

The machine needs compressed, filtered and dry air